Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Monday!

It's a refreshingly cool (75 degrees!) Autumn day and I actually don't mind that it is Monday because things have a different priority and perspective when you're growing a 'monster inside you'.  I'm thinking about the baby quite a bit of the time, making sure I'm eating the right things, getting rest, not getting stressed and praying for his/her amazing future.  This weekend I spent mostly tucked into bed because the hybrid was robbing me of any energy or motivation however I did find the strength to finish my frankenstein dress/tunic!  Here it is:
Not bad, eh?   The top is from a shirt from Mexico which was long-sleeved and white that I dyed this nice blue/purple and the bottom is from a large man-shirt from Goodwill.  

And here are two necklaces I re-worked from of two necklaces I'd made a couple months ago but never really loved:


Ok, see this sweet, precious little baby?
He's tired because I'd just given him the freakin' HEIMLICH!  I kid you not... it was terrifying... he stopped breathing!  I had given him a rawhide bone because he's adorable and OHMYGOODNESS he choked on it!  After trying to Heimlich him like an adult human, from behind and below his ribcage, I remembered he was a four-pound chihuhua and flipped him over like a baby and whacked his back and after a few times the bone flew out and he made the sweetest sound I've ever heard.  This is not good practice for having a real baby... this was merely fodder for nightmares and mental re-enactments.  I NEVER want to have to imagine Bogey or any other baby, fuzzy or not, having to go through that near-death experience!   One last picture of my living, breathing Bogey:


Lastly, here's a pic of my 10-week pregged belly, I'm going to start keeping pics so I can see the progress and now you too must see it.  At least it's sort of far away... but still, my apologies.  :)


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Show and Tell

Ok, lots happenin' here!  First of all, my BFF Grace's BFF Brooke sent me the very first baby item Nate and I have ever had for our wee spawn:
HOW CUTE IS THAT?!?!?!?!?!?  and it is itty bitty!  I can't believe how small and sweet and adorable it is.  Big thanks to Brooke for her thoughtfulness and generosity!!!

 Ok, here's the wee spawn that shall one day fit into that adorable onesie (I think that's the head on the right):

And here are my new bangs ("mom" bangs?):

And here are the two shirts that I'm in the middle of morphing into a really cool dress that I'll be finishing up this week...  so, pics to come of the frankenstein dress:

Trust me, it's cool.

Lastly, there will be a fundraiser for my bro's orphanage next month so if you're in the area you should stop by!  It's October 8 at 7pm at Everyday Joe's Coffee House in Fort Collins... live music and small eats!  There will be tshirts, calendars, note cards, my FIL's coins and some Hollyberry necklaces! Come support the children of Togo!  Woot!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Hello!  I'm on a blog drought... but not a crafty drought!  I've been busy!  Here's a better pic of the tshirt blanket (and a Princess):
  And here's a pic of my tshirt yarn ball I made (mason jar size y'all!):
And the rug I'm making with the tshirt yarn... maybe for a kid's bedroom :)
And here's my table at First Thursday last week:
I didn't sell any of my necklaces but I did sell three of my father-in-law's coins!  You can sort of see them hanging from the metal tree on the table.  People were really interested in them and I got a lot of positive comments so that was AWESOME!  Thanks to Tom (my FIL) and his generosity the little ones at the Grace Orphanage will have $29 dollars donated to help them with whatever they need!  Tom is collecting the coins and is only keeping cost, everything above that goes directly to the kids!  Yes!  I love to witness generosity towards others! 

And lastly, I took a cool class at Stitch Lab called "Fashion Fix-ups" where I learned to alter garments and combine two or more unwanted garments to make something totally wanted!  Pics to come!  

On a baby note: our hybrid is now the size of a blueberry and has an appendix, kidneys, liver and pancreas!  Her (hee) little hands and feet are already forming and her brain and heart are forming rapidly. What a miracle!  Embryo Shmemryo!  It's a freakin person practically!  and only five weeks old!  I'm pretty sure already she's a genius.......