Sunday, July 24, 2011

Baby's First Breckenridge Brewfest

Yep, we took our three month old baby to a brew fest.  Thankfully we didn't get too many "what are you thinking, you terribly embarrassing excuses for parents?!" looks... and there were several other kids there.  I had forgotten how beautiful Breckenridge is and it was really fun to see where Nate had lived and worked as he'd spent a year in Breckenridge about 10 years ago.
We also got to try out our new baby carrier:
  After Breckenridge we headed up to Estes to my parents' cabin for my Dad's 60th birthday.  My bro, sis-in-law and their babe Zephyr (almost two months old!) were there too. 
Instead of gifts for my Dad's birthday we rented a pontoon boat on Lake Estes for a of couple hours.  They even had the babies wear life jackets!
On the boat we put baby Mo on the floor to change his diaper and he showed us his new moves...
Jazz Hands!
Opera Hands!
Symphony Conductor Hands!
Freestyle Hands!
He's now 14 weeks old and probably 10.5 pounds, pretty ding dang amazing!   Every single day I'm amazed at how beautiful he is and very blessed we are.  I couldn't ask for a better life.