Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I forgot I had a blog...

Have you heard of this phenomenon called "Pregnancy Brain"?  Well, it's happened to me.  I'm not sure if it's the hormones or the lack of sleep or the sheer miracle that you've got a tiny child inside of you but holy frijoles, I'm not all there anymore. 

I have been focusing on eating a lot and growing this wee one, who is most definitely a LITTLE BOY!  I've only gained one pound but my stomach sticks out and I feel like I've gained more than that.  He's the size of a peach and with all of his other accoutrements (placenta, amniotic fluid) I can see why my stomach is pushed out now.   It's fun having a little belly to pat and rub and sing to.  Apparently his ears are fully formed and he can hear so I've been talking to him - I won't be able to feel him kicking for a few weeks because he only weighs about an ounce and isn't strong enough but soon I'll be feeling his adorbs little feet and hands in there!  

My sweet friend Lara from Seattle made the little man this special book out of beautiful fabric!  

 Three bells and a lambkin!  The lambkin was our awesome high school mascot. 

 Plastic window with pretty beads!  Lara must like me, she SEWED PLASTIC for this book!  :)

Lara also gave us two adorable bibs and a baby girl outfit because I told her I was sure we were having a girl!  Nate has made it clear that our son will not wear dresses.  Oopsie.  :) 

Here's a pic of our tiny boy, his little hand is up by his ear:
It is amazing that he already has all of his organs and they're already busy functioning... front this point he basically just gets bigger!  We had one detour from excitement when we found out we had a positive trisomy screen but we're feeling good about the fact that the baby will be exactly how it is meant to be for us.  Having a special needs baby would be a rewarding challenge and could open doors for us to change our lives and others' lives at the same time if that's what our future holds.  As one of my family members pointed out, we're good at adopting special needs dogs so we'd be just fine. At this point our odds of having a "normal" baby chromosome-wise is 96%, not bad!  We'll take the wee babe any way we can have him.  It's amazing how much you can love someone you haven't even met yet.