Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hey look! An abandoned blog!

Yep, it's true, I abandoned this ding dang webl!  I got SOOOOOO busy with baby, work, house and husband and I plain near forgot I even had it! 

Lots of blessings in our lives since I last wrote!  Nate got a promotion and a raise at his job and continues to help provide for our family. He's been grocery shopping for his grandparents which aren't able to get out and do it themselves so it has been wonderful seeing Nate in service to family, they really appreciate it. My job working for my Dad is going really well; I am busy, I enjoy the work and my paycheck is helping us make ends meet.  Of course, the biggest blessing of all is our little Mo!  He'll be 10 months old on Saturday, he crawls and stands up and has two teeth!  He's always on the move, making noise and eating up a storm!  He eats tons of different fruits and veg and black beans and quinoa and rice puffs.  I think the biggest Mo Blessing is that he sleeps through the night now!  Mo weaned himself at eight months and soon after we started working on having him sleep through the night and finally last month he won the battle!  Meemaw and Peepaw got Mo a crib for Christmas and I think that helped him want to sleep through:
Mo has some pretty fun artwork up in his room and Meemaw sewed us the cool cushions for the rocking chair which majorly came in handy when I had to nurse Mo every two hours through the night!

Our friend Brian gave Mo this cool wagon for Christmas and Mo ADORES going for rides in the neighborhood in the wagon.  Brian built the wood frame for the wagon and made custom decals too.
And here's a pic of Mo's teeth!  Just this morning the second one is sticking up more but you can definitely see the first tooth in this photo!

And here is the boy in his high chair which he loves.
Mo's funniest face he makes - it was Christmas and cousin Zephyr is also making a classic face:
Welllllll, Mo just woke up from his nap so I gotta run but I'll leave you with a few more pics and a Happy February to all!