Wednesday, April 18, 2012


OMG.  Mo is actually an entire. year. old.  I don't even know where this year has gone!  It is insane.  When we signed up for this we had no idea what we were getting into.  Turns out, it's WAY better than we ever could have imagined.  Mo is such a gift every single day, cliche but true.  He teaches us when we think we are teaching him and every single time I see his face I cannot help but smile. 

He has recently decided the camera's flash is too bright for him... so this is his new look (yep, he wears Christmas jammies alllll year):

Here he is reading his favorite book:

Here's the little munchkin after bathtime.  He HATES being dried off so I just have to put the towel around him and let him air dry in it:

We had an ENORMOUS birthday party for him last Saturday.  There were 50-plus people in our little house because the weather was FREEZING... Nate made two pots of chili and Emily and I baked two cakes and 40 cupcakes and it was soooo great!  Mo wasn't as into the birthday cake as some babies but that's probably because he's never really had refined sugar before, nonetheless it was pretty cute to watch him:

I think the cupcake may have been underwhelming to him but after he got in his jammies and opened a few presents he perked up.  Especially after the John Deere tractor from Meemaw and Peepaw:
 Ok I am going to have to add more pictures later, my computer is giving up and won't let me put any more on here!  BIG BUMMER!  Anyways, you can see how freakin' cute the boy is and I have new pics of him walking and doing all of his amazing feats of babyhood.... hopefully soon I can add more for you to see!

In other news, Nate got a job with the City of Loveland and just started this week.  We'll be moving to Loveland next month and I am SO ready.  Northglenn is alright but it just feels like suburbia surrounded by shopping centers... we need some personality!  It seems to be a great move for everyone!  It's funny how I initially thought I was SO independent and would need an hour or so buffer between myself and family in Fort Collins... turns out I'd rather be closer.  :)