Friday, March 4, 2011

In like a lion...

I finally finished my little cubby hat for Mo!  I'm thinking it's more lion cub than bear cub because of the beautiful gold color but either cub, it's adorbs:
I can't wait to put it on his little head!  I don't have to wait TOO long since he's due in 51 days!  Here's a pic of my massive belly:
My friend Erin said I remind her of a snake who's digesting a big meal, like a rabbit or something.  :)

Ooh!  And I found this lovely, soft and sustainable bamboo yarn to make washcloths with:
I love this washcloth pattern because you can knit one washcloth in a little over one 2-hour-long American Idol episode. 

And how do you know Spring is coming?  My lawn boy (a.k.a. Loving Husband) has updated our landscaping!  He built and hung a trellis for some Carolina Jessamin and put our beautiful Agaves into the earth along with some other pretty things like Canna Lilies and Bi-color Iris.  Yea for Spring!!!