Thursday, July 29, 2010

Yer killin' me, SMALLS!!!!!

Oh man.  Little Bogey is THE CUTEST THING EVERRRRRRR!!!!  Ok, so he found Bunnypeep in with my knitting stuff while I was searching for the correct size of needles to knit some baby booties for two of my friends with brand new offspring... and he went all Terminator on his fuzzy fanny.  First he was all like "ummm, we're totally just friends...."
then he caught a whiff of Bunnypeep's intoxicating plushy scent...
which triggered some sort of primal need to satisfy his "sweet tooth"...
Bogeytron hath conquered the evil Bunnypeep!  Hah!
I think maybe his big sis inspired him to do some damage, check out Princess with Hedgehog the same night! DESTRUCTION!
Ok, wow.  That was sort of weird but still really cute pics of the baby.  This is what happens when my husband leaves me to my own devices.  Actually this is just part of what happens... I also go nuts on crossword puzzles and watch shows like "Will & Grace" and "Frasier".  I can't help myself.  I should be knitting booties, check out this awesome colorful baby yarn:
Yep, I took the time to "artistically" arrange the yarn and knitting sticks rather than actually knitting.  Hopefully this weekend I'll get the booties done.  I have a weird mental block towards knitting in the Summer... I like to sew in Summer and knit in Winter.  

On a side note, my dear friend, Erin, left Austin to head East to her home in Alabama to aid in the cleanup of the Ridiculously Large and Embarrassing Out-of-Control BP Oil Spill of 2010.  She'll be helping there for the next 3-6 months and I'm so proud of her!  I am also really mad at her for leaving me here in Austin to work at the newspaper without her.  I don't think she realizes how much I need her daily.  Who will I make faces at when people act all stoopit or wear something seriously crazy to the office?  Who will remind me that I'll feel better after my lunchtime run?  Who will I trade recipes and wine ideas with?   Damn oil spill.  Here's Erin and me at the Goodbye Happy Hour:
And since I call this webl "Hollyberry Jewelry, etc" here's a pic of the Farewell Necklace I made for Erin:

In happier news, my Mum and Sis were here last weekend and we had plenty of fun girl time!  Shopping at Target!  Shopping at Whole Foods!  Shopping at Hobby Lobby!  Watching Audrey Hepburn movies!  

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Shark Baby

Well, the little Bogeytron had his surgery on Monday and had nearly an ENTIRE ROW OF TEETH removed... like he was a shark or something... isn't that nuts?  I mean, he weighs four pounds and is about the size of my stapler, where was he hiding an extra ENTIRE ROW OF TEETH!?  The poor sweet baby was swollen and drooling blood for a while but we're getting back to normal now... he's walking like a tiny robot, like usual... and sounds like a teapot, like usual.  These are very good things.  It's terrible to see your little fuzzy baby in pain.  He did not want his pic taken while he was under the weather but here's a recent one for your viewing pleasure:
and we can't leave out the others so here's a couple cuties from our last trip to Canyon Lake:

In Hollyberry news, I have not sewn a ding dang thing in weeks and my serger is still snug in it's box since my Serger 101 class.  I'm hoping I'll be motivated soon, I have some gorgeous fabrics and fun patterns just sitting around waiting for me to use.  I'm also working on a fun bag/purse design that I want to start making and selling on Etsy using fabric my bro brings back from Togo and Ghana... this way I can send more money back to the people of these countries and also help out the orphanage.  Woot!  I was motivated to make myself a necklace, however, which is something I rarely do but couldn't resist:
The two rings were my mom's she wore in high school and the cross my grandpa made for me when I was little and then I added a vintage skeleton key for fun.  

Ooh!  and look what Nate got me for my birthday!  
Yep, it's the best watering can that ever lived.  I've wanted a watering can since I was around 14 years old and now I have one of my own!  I ADORE it!!!!  

Ok, back to work.  My Mom and Sis are flying in tomorrow morning to keep me company while Nate is away in Amarillo workin' his fanny off!  Woot!!  FUN GIRL WEEKEND AHEAD!!!!  

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Today is Ringo Starr's birthday...

and MY BIRTHDAY TOOOOOOO!!!!  Woot!   Soooo, my very sweet husband took me out to breakfast before work, what a lovely way to start a day!  I've been getting up every day around seven and going for a run before work and I tell you what, going out to eat with the one who's your favorite and your best is BY FAR better than a six-mile run in the 90 degree heat.  By.  Faaaaarrrrrrr.  

Also, in more 'I Am Soooo Blessed' news, my Dad had a dozen beautiful and scrumptious cupcakes delivered to my office!  How sweet, hee hee, SWEET, is that?!?!?  They are confetti flavor (which does not taste like small bits of paper, it tastes heavenly) with buttercream frosting!  BUTTERCREAM!!!  Thanks Daddo!!!!

Ok, let's talk birthday fashion!  So I made myself a birthday headband which should definitely be worn on birthdays but not limited to wearing only on birthdays, see how cute?!   Fun with hot glue and vintage appliques!  

Also, I am wearing a really cool pin that my Mom's Dad gave to his bride-to-be 77 years ago:
Lucky for me, her name was Helen and so naturally I was the lucky recipient of this treasure, having an "H" name myself.  My Grandma Helen ("Granny") was so dear to me and died while I was in high school but I think of her often and hope I inherited some of her smarts and fashion-sense.  I also thank her dearly for my Mom  :).  Here's the note Granny wrote for me when she gave me the necklace ("Baba" is the name I called my Grandpa Neal): 
It inspires me to keep special stuff around and in good condition because some day my own children or grandchildren might totally love something like this!  At this point, only having furry children, I haven't paid too much mind to this concept of keeping things to pass down but I'm going to start. 


In Etsy news, a BIG GIANT thank you to my friend Megan who purchased TWO NECKLACES yesterday!  Woot!  Megan has a lovely family and a fun blog with great pics of her amazing daughters:  ... Also, if you live in Austin and need a realtor, you need Megan  She helped us find and buy our house!  Thanks Megan!!

Lastly, I'll leave you with a few words of wisdom Nate spotted on a homeless man's cardboard sign: TOO BLESSED TO BE DEPRESSED.  Love it.  :)