Friday, April 8, 2011

I'm baaaaaa-aaaackkkkk!!!

Where did this past month go?!  I mean, whatthe?!?!  I have been baby-baking and onesie-washing and cankle-nursing and before I knew it another month had flown by!  All of the sudden I'm less than two weeks to D-day!  BOY HOWDY!  Here's a lovely pic for all to enjoy:
Soooo, I haven't been crafty lately but other people HAVE been crafty so I'm sharing their lovelies.  This is the sweater and hat that my Mom knit for Mo which will have him looking like a stylish Nepalese baby!  
And here is the lovely blanket my Mom knit for Mo, it's super soft and cozy and it matches Mo's room which will be in browns and greens:
And here is a very special quilt that Mo's Grandpapi Tom had made out of Grandma Terry's clothes so that Mo can feel her love from heaven.  I love how bright and happy it is!
Here's a pic of Mo's dresser and all of the fun stuff we've collected for him so far:
And here's all of the stuff I need to find places for -- babies need a lot of stuff!  People have been SOOOO generous and I'm feeling really prepared, it's amazing!
And lastly, here's Mo's pack and play which we have in our bedroom and we're using it like a bassinet:
Oh, sweet sweet baby times are a-coming!  C-section is scheduled for April 21 so we're really getting close!  I'M SO EXCITED TO MEET THIS LITTLE MONKEY!!!!!!  AAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!   :)