Friday, June 25, 2010

Oh snap! A wedding's a-comin'! Woot!

Soooo it is JUNE and ya know what June brings?  WEDDINGS!  My dear friend Grace is gettin' hitched TOMORROW and I am super excited!  Here's a pic of Grace at my wedding (almost three years ago!!!):
*sigh*... what a beautiful day... 


In Etsy news, I sold a necklace to a gal in New Jersey who doesn't even know who I am!  Ohmygoodness!  She liked a silver necklace but wanted it in gold so I made it in gold gosh darnit!

And THEN my friend Aurora (check out her blog! ) bought the Don't Be Scared of the Scarab necklace from my Etsy!!!  Big THANK YOU to Aurora!!!  Woot!!!

In family news, I'm heading home to Colorado in August for the Wild West Relay  which is a 200 mile relay from Fort Collins to Steamboat!  I'm hoping to run about 20 miles total but it will be in shorter legs and over 24 hours or so.  I can't wait!!!!  We'll be raising money for Jonathan's orphanage !  Yes!  I've been running my little fanny off every day and am having an interesting toe blister:
You're welcome.  

Ok now something cute to wash away the image of my toe blood blister (again, you're welcome):
Happy Friday! 

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summer in the city...

Austin is a beautiful place in the Summer with it's lush foliage and giant cacti and tropical flowers and it must also be a great time for visits and weddings and the like because we've been BUSY!  Two weeks ago our friend Damien visited and he ate this:
That is a mammoth piece of prime rib from Salt Lick .  It makes me full just looking at it.  AND since I'd bought Nate and I tickets to Neil Young months ago and Damien loves Neil too he came with and it was AMAZING!!!  Seriously.  The concert was insane.  Here's the best concert tshirt that ever lived:
So then, this past weekend Nate's dad and sis came to visit us and we went to Hamilton Pool, a magical swimming hole and nature preserve!  Here are a couple of pics: 

And now this weekend Nate's brother is coming to visit!  Whew!  AND THEN then next Saturday is Grace 's wedding!  OHMYGOODNESS!!!  I'll probably need a vacation in July...  

<><><><><><>BOGEY UPDATE<><><><><><>
Ok, look at this little man and how he's filling out!  Those little ribs aren't so poke-y anymore!  
Here's a picture of him smiling:

Finally, a giant thank you to my friend Mattie who this week purchased TWO necklaces from my Etsy store!  I made her a custom necklace out of vintage components inspired from one of Missy's bridesmaid necklaces (Mattie was Missy's make up gal).  Here's the necklace I made her:
  Thanks Mattiekins!  

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Baby Update!

Our precious little baby Bogey had his first real vet appointment since we've had him, and we're soooo excited to find out he needs $600-800 dental work.  SO excited.  :)  We have fallen head over heels for the boy so there's obviously nothing to do but fix him up.  Also, turns out he has a fontanelle (soft spot on his skull) which never closed up so we have to be really careful with his little head.  I'm seeing a tiny helmet in his future.  They took his blood and checked his poo and he's perfectly healthy otherwise.  Also, apparently he's five years old and weighs three pounds... not three years old weighing five pounds.  Here he is at the vet -- they put a little bandana around him to make him feel better after taking his blood.  Hello, handsome!

Except for a few little scuffles between Bogey and Princess (Bogey-incited scuffles I should add) the three dogs have been getting along pretty darn well.  Here they are through the screen door: small, medium and large :)
Soooo, Summer is basically here and our Cannas are back in action!  They're definitely my favorite lily.  I'm so excited for them to bloom!  Their orange blossoms are awesome.
AND our agaves are patiently awaiting our not-as-yet designed planting bed in the front of our house... don't they just LOOK like Texas???  Loving the agaves.  
Ok, that's all for now!  Hugs and kisses to all my peeps!!