Friday, September 9, 2011

Movin' and a-Shakin', YEAH YEAH!

Aaahh, Autumn is in the air and it feels SO good!  I am so thankful for the nice cool weather and extremely thankful that my old jeans still "fit" me after having this baby (it ain't pretty but technically they are fastened...)!  We have been super busy and somehow Mo is suddenly 20 weeks old!  At his last doctor appt he weighed 12 pounds 11 ounces and was 25.5 inches long.  We had a HUGE answer to prayer after some x-rays showed Mo did not have craniosynostosis which his doc had said was a possibility.  Weee-ooooo!!!!

Mo is LOVING his Bumbo chair.  We set some toys on the tray and he picks them up and puts them in his mouth.  His fine motor skills are really developing and it's so much fun to watch!  He now grabs for the dogs' ears and tails and grabs for our mouths and pulls my hair. 

In non-baby-related news I'm REALLY proud of my husband, he's not a "runner" but he finished his first half-marathon a couple weeks ago!  We both ran the Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half Marathon  and it was totally awesome.  My Dad (Mo's "Peepaw") came to Georgetown to watch the wee one while Nate and I tortured ourselves by PAYING to run 13 miles at 8500 feet above sea-level.   

For my birthday Nate got us tickets to see Robert Earl Keen at the Mishawaka amphitheatre and it was AWESOME!  We took baby Mo and he spent most of the time sleeping in the sling and we were able to sit far away enough from the stage that it wasn't too loud but close enough that we felt like we were really at a concert. This was Mo's second concert (we also saw JJ Matott last month, concert #3!) and we're collecting concert posters from each show so he can have them when he's older -- hopefully he thinks it's cool!  Here's a pic of Mo and his Pop enjoying the show.
And here's the awesome concert poster...
And here are a few more pics of our absolutely ADORABLE baby boy:

At the doctor for 4-month check-up:

At Everyday Joe's seeing JJ Matott and The Arctic:
 Going for a hike up at the cabin:
 Having a bath at Meemaw's:
 At the zoo with Jack Dewey (Mo is on the right):
 Thinking about crawling, maybe?
 Kicking Bogey in the head with sock monkey slipper:
 Bumbo-ing with Pop:
 At his first Rockies game:
 Practicing his new favorite face:
 Perfecting his new favorite face!!